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Metis Psychology's expertise lies at the intersection of people, work and organisation. We have in-house knowledge about work, organisation and health. But most of all, we know about people! We know how to judge, guide and motivate people. We help them get back to work healthy. In doing so, we are always committed to an optimal result for both employee and employer.

NIP/Labor & Organization Registry Psycho
NIP/Labour & Health Registered Ps
Certified External Confidant



Metis Psychology provides support at:

  • adjustment problems in workplace conflicts, redundancies and job losses
  • stress complaints due to work-oriented problems
  • barriers to personal functioning

On the road to sustainable employability

Psychological care

Metis Psychology provides psychological care for the following complaints:

  • anxiety symptoms
  • depression, gloom
  • overexersability, burnout
  • concentration problems
  • problems of employment and study (performance problems, unemployment)
  • problems in the workplace (conflicts with colleagues)
  • compulsive action, worrying
  • negative self-image
  • assertiveness problems


Metis Psychologie has a wide range of personal development & team development.

Metis Psychologie provides tailor-made training and guidance on the themes of 'vitality' and 'sustainable employability' of your employees.

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Drs. Yèrma van Egeraat is an LVV accredited external confidant. See here for more information.


In addition, Metis Psychology offers the following services:

  • Personal assessment tailored for selection and development questions
  • Occupational psychological research